Webshop: Great Distances Are Not Even Remotely Challenging

Starting out with just one shop in Denmark in the 1950’es and ending up as one of the biggest toy distributors in Northern Europe. This makes TOP-TOY a company that understands the importance of decoding the needs and wishes of their customers.

Before launching their new Fætter BR web shop in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, TOP-TOY therefore contacted Interfazes. In general, culture specific patterns of actions are factors which can mean either the success or failure of international projects. To gain insights on the inter-cultural nuances in user behaviour, habits and user expectations, Interfazes conducted usability tests in all four countries.

But how do you effectively conduct usability tests, when your target group is placed in Northern Norway, the Finnish countryside or in the deep forests of Sweden? You could do as Interfazes chose to do: conduct Remote Usability testing. Using Remote Usability testing made it possible to execute the tests speedily, to minimize the inconvenience of our test participants and, finally, made it possible to present TOY-TOY with an extensive report within a short period of time.

TOP-TOY received a full report and debriefing, which mapped the cultural differences important to their new web shops: how users preferred to pay online, how the different nationalities wished to involve their children in web based interaction as well as the linguistic nuances that needed optimizing. All of which were important details and insights in the final strategy and launch of the four web shops:

Kristine M. Pedersen, UX Specialist at TOP-TOY, says:

Interfazes’ usability testing has helped open our eyes to the inter-cultural differences of how our customers perceive Fætter BR as a brand, how they use our e-commerce site and, last but not least, what they expect in terms of online payment as well as delivery options. The greatest difference Interfazes and Remote UX have made for us is the speedy delivery of facts and insights on the user experience, confirmation and invalidation of hypothesis concerning the customers and internet user in the different countries and, finally, valuable advice and guidance as to which areas we should focus our efforts.

Other cases:

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Web applications

Case: Interfazes help Netop give users a unique customer experience

An increasing number of companies develop their own software as web applications, making them accessible through a browser. This require considerations to usability, interaction and navigation principles.

The software company Netop develops solutions that enable customers and visitors of commercial websites to communicate directly with real people in sales and support teams, with the Netop Live Guide; A tool for online services where businesses can interact directly with their users through live chat, voice or video. This strengthens the dialogue between companies and their customers while maintaining the personal contact. Netop’s clients include various industries including e-commerce, municipalities and airlines.

Interfazes has optimized the information architecture of the administration module for the Netop Live Guide, and created a highly detailed interactive prototype, that developers could work from. Interfazes has also been responsible for creating the overall guidelines for interaction, navigation and graphic design in Netop’s Live Guide.

The goals have been to improve interaction, enhance functionality and redesign the user interface to make it appear more contemporary, ensure better usability and be more appealing to users. These goals have been accomplished through a strong and fruitful cooperation between Interfazes and Netop.

Thomas Thrysøe, Global Product Manager at Netop:

Our cooperation took the form of a series of very involved and active workshops with presentations and discussions of design considerations and solutions. After each workshop the Information Architecture became more clear and the design more finished and finally culminated in designs that could immediately be implemented by our development team. -the Design Guide with guidelines for each element of design has been invaluable, both for Development and Quality Assurance team.


Case: Interfazes ensure global usability on Ministry of Foreign Affairs Intranet

Interfazes has developed Information Architecture for the key areas on the Foreign Ministry’s intranet and has continuously conducted usability tests. This has ensured the staff a user-friendly and award-winning intranet.

Since 2004 Interfazes has been MFA’s permanent partner in the development of an efficient and user-friendly intranet. The MFA intranet, based on SharePoint, is the primary tool for knowledge sharing between the Ministry’s approx. 2,400 employees in more than 120 offices worldwide.

Interfazes started cooperating with the Ministry’s intranet department with an extensive usability testing of the intranet. The tests revealed fundamental problems with the existing Information Architecture. Interfazes subsequently prepared a new proposal and has been continually testing and evaluating new functionality on the intranet such as the personal ‘My Page’, the News area and a redesign of the front page. Interfazes also lead an ongoing annual KPI measurements, which ensures that the Foreign Ministry’s intranet continues to develop in the right direction.

Bernhard Nordentoft, intranet manager in the Foreign Ministry:

Our intranet is under continual development to keep pace with the growing need for effective communication and knowledge sharing between the Ministry’s representations. Interfazes has always provided a sharp analysis of usability problems and come up with concrete proposals on how we can solve them.


Case: Users give top marks to ug.dk

When the Ministry of Education established a portal with accurate and updated information for anyone seeking information on jobs, education, business and labor, Interfazes was the chosen partner from the beginning in 2004. Interfazes carried out the initial surveys of students, parents, teachers and counselors and performed ongoing usability tests of prototypes of the portal.

Since then, Interfazes has conducted usability testing of the portal regularly and participated in the development of new areas of functionality and a major redesign in collaboration with Schultz Information. Over the years, ug.dk has become a very popular portal – in a month it has more than 600,000 users who are looking at almost 5 million pages.

Karl-Erik Falk Torp, managing editor of ug.dk:

We are extremely happy with the cooperation with Interfazes. They are always professional and flexible in their approach to the task. Ongoing usability testing gives us insight into the needs of the users and helps us ensure the quality of new features before we launch them. We look forward to continue the cooperation on further development of the portal.


Case: Interfazes optimizes Microsoft’s mobile interfaces

Throughout 2006 and 2007, Interfazes has worked in close cooperation with the Mobile Application Group at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen in creating a good user experience on Microsoft’s mobile applications.

One concrete result of the cooperation is the application Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Sales, which was launched in July 2007. During development of the application, Interfazes conducted a number of usability tests which led to redesign of the navigation, the graphic layout and the development of Microsoft’s mobile interactions guide and User Experience Guide.

Bjarne Schøn, PUM, Mobile Applications Group, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen:

Interfazes’ studies of the user interface of our application and the following redesign of navigation and user interface resulted in a significant improvement of the user experience on Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Sales.

Market Research

Case: Satisfied members of the The Danish Dental Association

The Danish Dental Association is committed to deliver fast and high quality service to their members – who are all types of dentists in Denmark. Since 2003, Interfazes has helped the Danish Dental Association to achieve the objective by continuously investigating the satisfaction of the association and of the magazine ’Tandlægebladet’ among the members.

The satisfaction surveys was a combination of questionnaires (delivered by a partner) and focus groups. In the focus groups selected members discussed their perception of the services and gave their ideas to optimization of these services. This way, Interfazes has given the Danish Dental Association a good insight into the needs of the members and what services are required to retain members.

Interfazes has also been involved in the editorial development of the magazine ‘Tandlægebladet’. Interfazes has facilitated meetings with members and magazine editors around the country. This way the editors were able to hear the readers’ evaluation of the magazine and discuss new ideas for development of the magazine with the readers.

Claus Jørgensen, Head of Communications at the Danish Dental Association:

We have great pleasure to draw on assistance from Interfazes for qualitative analysis. One of the great strenghts of Interfazes is the company’s ability to grasp our needs, culture and universe. The analysis which Interfazes has completed for us has been a very valuable tool for us in the development of both the magazine ‘Tandlægebladet’ and our advice to the dentists.